Professional photographer Loren Adams Callahan depends on his ability to communicate thoughtfully and clearly with and for his clients to produce the most beautiful and articulate photographs. Loren's story-telling ability, creative awareness and constant pursuit of innovation allows him to capture and create scenes and situations with accuracy and personal style.

The entrepreneur, designer, photographer, and traveler has been called a renaissance man, and he likes it that way.   He has won numerous awards from the National Professional Photographers Association and in 2004 was invited to have his photographs be part of the National Native American Museum, Smithsonian in Washington D.C.. He is also a member of accredited associations such as American Society of Media Photographers,  and the National Press Photographers Association. Loren has a design patent for his photography vest called Adventure Vest, which is currently being distributed throughout the United States.
After graduating with a B.A. in photography from the University of Washington, Loren began his 14-year professional career by working for a few commercial studios and also shooting for major newspapers in Seattle and nationally. He moved to New York for six years shooting fashion, and sports independently and for agencies like Associated Press, Reuters, Liaison, Gamma, Sigma, and now Getty. He has a current contract with Corbis. He now photographs commercial and advertising campaigns.

"I relish the experience of bringing new and creative concepts along with a sharp eye for detail to a commercial shoot." Loren continues to broaden his aspirations as an innovator with still photography and cinematography. "Movement has been an essential part of my artistic sense that transcends easily into film as a director and creative Director of Photography. I am always looking for new subjects and projects with interesting stories and concepts." "Make it fun, make it awesome, or go make something else".